Five-Minute Fixer-Upper And Feel-Good February. Volume 1

With February underway, the need to keep your home clean and organized is especially crucial. Why is that you may ask? Well, come Valentine’s Day, the entrance to your home has to be stun-worthy and make the right surprising impression for some time of indulgence. Beyond that, the living room has to be ready for romantic movie time with room on a coffee table for roses…the kitchen and dining room need to be set for thoughtful dinners…the bathroom has to be in a proper state to draw a bath in the tub and strategically place some candles…the hallways have to be clear of any clutter to make way for rose petals all leading to the bedroom…you get the point. Your home has to be pristine!

Throughout the month of February, we will uphold the theme of ‘Five-Minute Fixer-Upper Feel-Good February’, and in so doing, examine ways to organize and feel good doing so all in no time flat. In preparation for the big day, we’ll look at some quick and easy ways to get your home where it needs to be by taking very simple measures, and then in continuation past Valentine’s Day, we’ll discuss ways to maintain the now-great condition of your home. Let’s get started!






















Tip #1: Utilizing White Boards

In making plans for the month, the week, or even the day, we leave notes to get points across, As we get bills and paperwork that we intend to address, we let it stack up in order to keep it at the forefront of our minds so that we do not forget. Ultimately, paper can become one of our most prominent forms of clutter, and at the same time, amidst the mess, we can lose track of the most important notes or papers in which we were attempting to keep fresh in our memories. A solution has to be reached or else this clutter will accumulate quicker than most other messes, and to find such a solution will assist in prioritizing what needs most attention. One great all in one system is a whiteboard/corkboard hybrid, preferably one that is designed as a monthly calendar with additional space for outlining side notes along with some cork space. To make use of the calendar will mean optimal categorization of tasks for the month or events, a sort of micro form of the organization of which Organizer Logic always speaks. Having notes written on a side bar of a whiteboard narrows your physical notes down to far less, and then for any paperwork that needs actual attention itself, such as permission slips, they can be pinned to the cork and kept off of the counters. There, paper trail addressed!

Tip #2: Organizer Baskets for Separating Laundry

In a month filled with the notion of love and date nights, to look dapper and have all of the best clothes at the ready for any and all occasions is a must! One thing to bear in mind is that our beautiful outfits and prided clothing can also be the source of another form of clutter, both physically and mentally in clouded memory of where clothes ran away to or what mounds of clothes are clean and which are dirty. Keeping clothing articles sorted amongst themselves is a great way to keep track. We do it when we stow away our clean clothes, so it would only make sense to sort them once they are spent and ready to hit the washer as well. Previously mentioned in an Organizer Logic blog posting was the idea to use our Storage Baskets as laundry bins, but we’ll go beyond with that idea and advice that you have a Basket, whether big or small, for each type of clothing article; one for shirts, one for pants, one for socks, one for undergarments, etc. In doing this, you can keep your clothing organized whether it is clean or not, and on the chance that it is not, you can get a better indication of when it is time to do a wash on a certain article. This will solve your issue of having a cluttered bedroom, as well as give you a system of keeping tabs on your clean fashion inventory.

Tip #3: Consolidate Clutter to One Space Before Organizing

We mentioned earlier how all of the different parts of our home need to be kept in tact for the sake of having a splendid Valentine’s Day and for the sake of everyday peace of mind. Assessing just how many rooms there are in one’s home and how many things we may have throughout those rooms is sure to become overwhelming when you begin to consider reorganizing. The age old question of how to best eat an elephant comes to mind. The answer is to do it in bite sized chunks. As a disclaimer, please do not eat any elephants and please understand the metaphor behind this. What we’re saying is to take it little bit at a time to make sure you do not become flustered or discouraged from adopted orderly habits. For each room, floor, or any way you section off your home, keep an Organizer Logic Storage Basket handy and fill it will stuff that needs to be relocated to a more appropriate place for the object or objects. If your home is small enough you could possibly even manage to take the approach of finding a central place like a hallway, and line it with about four Storage Baskets or however many you may need to account for each room or space in your home and just fill them according to which room they are going to instead of which room they are being relocated from. One of these options is bound to work for you!

As mentioned, Organizer Logic wants to assist you in making your home sparkle this Valentine’s Day season. Take these few tips with you and attempt to apply them this week, a small step for now. From there try to make them habitual moves, where you can not help but do them and find them to be innately automatic in your daily practices. Organizer Logic wants to see you succeed in the little efforts towards making your life more organized and thus more enjoyable, any time of year or any single minute, whether it is Valentine’s Day or any day of your life.




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