Five-Minute Fixer-Upper And Feel-Good February. Volume 2

It is still February and you know what that means! That means we are continuing our discussion on quick ways to get our home in good condition, organized and presentable. However, one thing has changed since last week when we first introduced this topic. The difference now, is that the pressure is on…Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday…uh oh…tomorrow! It may seem daunting or impossible to adopt new organizational habits overnight. Trust us here at Organizer Logic, it can be far more simple than it seems and can take far less time than you would think. Little chip-away methods are the best way to tackling our biggest clutter clusters found in our lives. To tack onto the ideas expressed last week, let’s compliment that with a few new concepts that will be just as easy to grasp and make your home and general life increasingly more organized and orderly. Let us get down to it.























Tip #1: Making Designated for Designated Activities

When we see things as messy, cluttered, or disorganized, what’s a common figure of speech that we use? That the things that are causing the mess in the first place are in fact ‘out of place’. We take this for what we hear it as, that being a turn of phrase, but did we ever consider the literal implication of this? Did we? Most likely not! With that thought in mind, the first tip for quick organization this week is to make the active move towards having a designated space for any particular activity that occurs in your home. Applicable to many people with a special someone is the possibility that a child or children may be shared by these people, and children love to play! Deem one section of the home for all toys and playthings, this could even be done by simply having an old accent rug rolled out when play time starts and rolled up and stowed away when playtime is over and then concurrently utilizing Organizer Logic Storage Baskets for any stray toys in need of a home. And this mentality can be used for all sorts of activities, from designated art, music, or workout spaces, it does not have to stop at play spaces. As an added note, the play space example is important as it can aid in maintaining organization as it reinforces good cleaning habits for children, just as a fun side note.

Tip #2: Utilizing ‘Air Space’

As we clean, our automatic knee-jerk response to finding a place for things can often be an empty corner of the room or under the bed, or any places along those lines. For our clothing and articles, we address them like a conversation we don’t want to have or a subject we would much rather just not touch and forget exists…we drop it…but literally, when it comes to the things we don’t want to give much thought to organizing. Addressing these organizer questions is seldom easy, and that is what makes this drop and forget method so appealing, it takes no effort. But what if, instead of making no effort, we make minimal effort and see largely improved results. Instead of using the floor so much, think about air space. Do a better job of using the tall dressers that you have to stow your stuff and that way less floor space is made into a mess. Use back-of-door shoe hangers to hide the collection of footwear, a collection that can oh so easily turn into a cluttered mess. Install hooked coat racks wherever you see fit and for whatever you see fit. Taking any measures like this or other methods are great ways to get things higher up and off the ground, using creative spaces instead of just dropping it like a bad topic. Many solutions like this can be found at hardware stores and be installed within minutes time, so no worries on major time commitments to get major results.

Tip #3: Upon Wake-Up, Fix the Bed!

The first thought we have each morning when we wake up is “5 more minutes” or anything else indicating a desire to be slothish for a little bit longer. The fact is, that 5 extra minutes of sleep might not do for you what you think it will, it’ll start your day off on the wrong foot, a very lethargic foot. Instead of grogging up your day with sleeping beyond what you need, use that time to start your day on the most productive foot you possibly can. One simple task completion will shape the rest of your day; fix your bed right when you wake up! To do something that will generate a productive outcome the second you wake up will get your day going the right way. Think about it you wake up and immediately go for a run, it will jumpstart your metabolism and other vital functions to keep you running optimally for the entire day to come. To start productively will unravel to more productivity. Also, in doing this, you have one of the major parts of your bedroom straightened up and any other cleaning needs will be much easier to address in the clarity of it all. And lastly, but most importantly, a clean bed means that breakfast in bed on that special day (tomorrow, don’t forget) will be that much more impacting! So upon jumping out of bed, turn right back around and straighten that bed up and find yourself already gearing up for a good day of taking care of business.

With this being the week of Valentine’s Day, better yet, the day before, it’s hitting crunch time. As you approach tomorrow just find the little goals you can chip away at to make your home more impressive, comfortable, and neat and make those goals happen. Over the past two weeks, we have given you the tools to succeed, ideas for quick but noticeable progress. Take these and get your home in good order. From there, make this Valentine’s Day a great one! We’ll be back in touch next week with more tips on how to get your home organized and KEEP it organized!

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