Five-Minute Fixer-Upper And Feel-Good February. Volume 3

Over the last two weeks, Organizer Logic has delved into ways in which you can make your home more presentable and your overall life more orderly and organized. Through quick cleaning tips and methods, we have managed to make beautiful, welcoming spaces in our homes fit for hours of relaxation and a freedom of house-straightening worries. Now that we have an idea of how to get the house in order and make a major impression in little time, we need to make sure we keep it to this standard so as to maintain the awe and appreciation of our homes and those living in them with us. Let us jump straight into the different practices and mindsets that we must adopt in order to make this possible and sustaining those factors towards a better, more organized lifestyle.























Tip#1: Evening To-Dos

We like to think that our day starts early in the morning when we wake up, and we like to think we can accomplish everything effectively and efficiently upon waking up at that early morning hour. However, we are often far from correct when it comes to actually executing this task of conquering the world in our half-conscious groggy state. To conquer the world takes strategy, a battle plan, preparation. So how do we ensure preparedness before the day starts? Adopt the notion that your morning actually begins the night before. Here is how this thought process is implemented and why important.

Dinner is over for the evening and a mess of dishes are left in its place. Get those dishes banged out, give them a quick rinse and put them straight in the dishwasher. From there, allow yourself to enjoy the night, watch some New Girl or Breaking Bad, or do whatever else you may feel like doing, and then when it comes time to retire for the evening, fire up the dishwasher, that way you can just set it and forget it, only to wake up to clean dishes for the morning. After running the dishwasher and heading upstairs to go to bed, lay out your outfit for the next day before hitting the hay. If you find yourself sifting through countless different options, make sure that any clothing articles other than the ones you are intending on wearing the next day are stowed back in the closet or drawers to avoid clothing clutter. Just these few end-of-evening practices will make your mornings, and furthermore, whole next day better.

Tip #2: Throughout-the-Day To-Dos

Throughout-the-Day practices may vary depending on one’s profession or work-to-home proximity, but the core principle no matter what will stay the same. This principle that we are talking about it is to organize as you go or find ways to minimize accumulation of new clutter. First of all is the question of organizing as you go. If you are someone who works away from home, apply cleaning to your office space and car. If you have trash from lunch, throw it away as you finish using it, do not keep it in your car or office out of laziness to find a trash receptacle. That mindset will tell you that putting it off once is okay, and will lead to multiple one-offs. On the end of minimizing potential extra clutter, utilizing reusable containing is huge for the sake of keeping trash out of your bubble and also being more environmentally conscious…unconsciously.

In general, the rule of thumb is to place things in their proper place upon using them; trash in trash cans, containers in a centralized and sensible place, work materials returned to the place from which they were first summoned. Adhering to this practice will keep your workspace clear, which will ultimately allow all focus to be directed towards work tasks at hand instead of being constantly distracted by little tasks oriented towards just getting back to a clean and organized standard, allowing for excelling at work and not just getting yourself to the bare minimum quality of working conditions. In your car, since it is the next place in which you spend most of your time, keeping it organized will allow you to transition from one task to the next, whether between work stops or between work and home. To not think about having to straighten up your car will mean being able to get into work mode more efficiently and get into leisure time the minute you sit in your car heading home. Moral of the throughout-the-day story: organize as you go.

Tip #3: Morning To-Dos

To start of the morning, we may sound like a broken record from last week’s blog, but we will quickly revisit the idea of making your bed first thing in the morning. Ready? Here we go…MAKE YOUR BED FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! There, quickly revisited. Upon completing this important first task of the day, the next objective should be efficiently getting ready with a system that makes sense. Here is an order that makes sense:

  • Make Bed (Done, I know. We can’t stress it enough)
  • Make Breakfast…Eat Breakfast
  • Shower
  • Brush Teeth
  • Get Dressed, Groom
  • Pack Car, Hit the Road for Work

This is why this approach works best! Making and eating breakfast comes first. Remember how we put our dishes in the dishwasher before we went to bed? Well guess what, they’re clean now and ready to use. Take this opportunity to use any kitchen items you need to prepare breakfast, and heck, why not lunch too! As things are cooking up, utilize that time to put away any of the dishes from the dishwasher that you will not be needing. Killing two birds with one stone. Breakfast and lunch are finished cooking up. Eat your breakfast, take your time if you have it, and make this a time for contemplation of the day ahead. Finish eating and place any dirty dishes or cookware in the now-empty dishwasher and make sure you got your lunch packed up and ready to go.

Hitting the shower and brushing your teeth after food time is done is definitely in your best interest. We know from the numerous discussions on clothing clutter that our shirts, socks, and pants can make our biggest messes. If you were to any of your morning tasks after getting ready it could get a little risky. That bacon grease, orange juice, or toothpaste could jump on your work clothes, and in a quick effort to change and look presentable for work, these dirty clothes would most likely just end up on the floor and set the precedent that that is excusable. So take a shower, brush your teeth, and do all the final cosmetic preparations once these are done. Be sure to put any clothes away that you tried on and decided against for today, so that we avoid extra ways for clothing clutter.

Finally, pack up the car with anything you may need for the day. Additional preparation could be done for this, such as having all of your work needs consolidated in one place by the front door or otherwise, but these minor adjustments to the plan can be done at your discretion.

In conclusion, from the first two weeks of February, you have gained insight into quick cleaning methods. But if you were implementing this tips, you probably found out quickly that there was also an element of discipline to be considered as well. To complement your ways of getting the home quickly cleaned are now there premmeditations, planning ideas to make this clean and organized, but now, furthermore, routined, to which living in a neat home environment owes a lot of its success. Think about the order of your day and all the ways you can shape that day in order to make it most productive, systematic, and then ultimately in turn, peaceful. To your organizing success! Organizer Logic wishes you the best!


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