Five-Minute Fixer-Upper And Feel-Good February. Volume 4

Week 4 of February! Already? Holy cow, time is flying this month! We’re feeling the fast pace of the month here at Organizer Logic, and we bet you are feeling the same thing. The hustle and bustle of regular life with work, family, hobbies, and all other commitments, and then also intertwining preparation for Valentine’s Day into the mix and trying to keep things in check post-holiday. Needless to say, we are in complete belief that it’s been chaotic. Organizer Logic hopes that the information we have been giving you is useful, helpful, and has make the typical rapidity of life a little less rapid as time has progressed. Today, we continue our discussion on methods to maintaining a well-organized home, that will act as an investment of preparedness with a great return of order in your home. In the event that things are still feeling hectic in your home, we’ll examine ways to counteract the mayhem. Diving into more methods and ideas, we’ll take an especially close look at the notion of achieving efficiency to make individual tasks quicker and easier to tackle.























Tip #1: Organizing, Deep-Cleaning, and Organizing the Tools for Deep-Cleaning

Let’s start with a scenario, shall we? You worked on a daunting organizing project in your bedroom consisting of sifting through, say, clothes, books, and other items. You can now deem that room of your home as ‘organized’ or straightened up’. The next step should naturally be to now do a deep clean, dusting, wiping down with disinfectant, and general detail work. This should be a task that is done frequently so as to maintain cleanliness on top of organization. But furthermore, the reason to do this is to put your home in a state of desirability and presentability. In reaching this standard, one will see the state of the room at its finest and feel discouraged from laziness that would cause it to fall back into a state of disrepair, and a sense of encouragement to actively keeping the home in order. In past Organizer Logic blogs, we have stressed the fact that disorder breeds disorder and order breeds order. This practice of upholding optimal cleanliness is an implementation and reinforcement of the mantra’s utility. So, as you organize your things, go one step further and make your organized space sparkle as well, and watch its likelihood of staying that way increase exponentially.

In addition to organizing and then deep cleaning, bring extra efficiency to your process as well as the tools you use to attack your tasks. When doing a deep clean anywhere in your home with all of the dusting, disinfecting, and other materials as aforementioned, it can get to be a pretty heavy arsenal. To keep your arsenal in check, keep it organized and integrated in with the room surrounding it. What we’re saying here is instead of just keeping all of your cleaning needs in one place in your home, keep smaller cleaning kits in all of the spaces that you see need regular maintenance. Keeping these kits in all of your bathrooms, your kitchen, your foyer or mudroom, and bedrooms is a great call, so that when the situation arises that you need to do some quick fine-tuning, you can put the emphasis on the ‘quick’ by not having to run to another part of your home to get your cleaning supplies. Get it done like that (insert finger snapping noise) and move on with your day. Tip

#2: Have a Designated Place Where Everything Should Go

During this month of February, we have covered the notion of having a designated space in which any given activity should occur. Some examples of which were a space for arts, a place for music, or a place to be a kid’s play area. Well, in a similar regard, we have to look at it on a more micro level and not only think to ourselves where we will conduct in certain activities, but also, where we will keep every single thing we own. When I say every single thing…I mean EVERY single thing. This might sound crazy or obsessive, but it works in terms of categorization within the home as well as distinguishing what will retain a spot within the home. To have a place for everything will save everyone time. If you are doing a quick cleaning session and you do not have a designated space for everything you are attempting to organize, you have to task on the task of finding a place for each and everything thing and then put it away and then hope the next time you use it you will have to repeat the process of finding a home for it. If you actively have a place that does not just suffice for an item, but instead, is deemed the most appropriate place for that item to call home, it makes that organizing and cleaning process easier and and every future process you undergo. Also, while attempting to find a ‘home’ for every item in your home, there will be some that prove difficult to find. Upon this situation, one should ask themselves if the item even has a place (figuratively speaking) in the home. If it is concluded that there doesn’t seem to be a place for that item, don’t hang onto it, it is not useful to you and is taking up space, time, thought, and energy. This will declutter your life for the now, and make for evening quicker organization and cleaning from then on.

Tip #3: Establishing the Notion that an Organized Living Space is Desirable

Some people decide that it is acceptable to live in squalor, sounds harsh, but it is true. Where possessions, papers, articles of clothing, and much else are just strewn about with no regard for organization or order. In these cases, people have grown used to the system of living with everything in messy disarray, and have found ways to manage working with this system, but that does not mean it is optimal for you in any way whatsoever. Some people say they work better in the chaos, but that just can’t be true.  Living in the chaos, the placement and categorization of things are left to the mercy of chance that you will remember where you randomly left something, it doesn’t look pleasant, and it doesn’t feel pleasant.

So ultimately, the goal in a home, whether it’s you living alone or with a family of 5, should be to get everyone on the same page that having a clean and organized home and life is crucial. With our discussion for the later half of February being how to maintain an organized life as well as the mindsets involved in making that possible, this notion is probably the most important thing to bear in mind. We all know the saying that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Our homes will only be as clean and organized as the least caring person allows them to be. Make it a point to instill the importance of a clean home to those in your home, so it will stay in tip top shape.

There you have it, a few more tips on keeping your home clean and organized. The biggest take-away from this week should be how you think about organizing. Reorient your thinking to reflect how you want your home to look and feel. Be meticulous in the coordination of all things in your home and be unwavering in your belief that everything should fall into your home seamlessly. Do not settle for falling back into messy and disorganized habits. You have the tools and the knowledge to keep your life organized, just be sure to stay disciplined and everything will be okay!

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