Be A Goal Setter. Then Stick To Your Guns.

New Year Resolutions are goals we promise ourselves to make. However, only about 8% of Americans who make them are successful at achieving their resolution; which is due to infrequent maintenance. We want to empower you to design a resolution system for this next year and be able to keep it. Another year offers another opportunity for change. So as this year draws closer to an end, what are some things you wish you could’ve done differently? What are some improvements you’d like to make?

First, you should know one thing; have patience with yourself. Set realistic goals and realize that progress is never linear. Don’t expect change to happen immediately over night. Start by creating resolutions with deliberate thoughtfulness. Choose one or two attainable larger goals, then select what’s most important. For instance,

Once you’ve mastered your list, create systems, or plans to execute your promises. This will allow yourself to easily carry out a larger goal.  Create a system by breaking down your larger goals into smaller actions; how will you develop and evolve these goals?

Maintaining a healthier relationship for example takes time, and effort. Choose a start date (January 1st is always a good date). And then create a schedule. Starting on January first is important because you give yourself a specific date and having a schedule motivates you to track your progress until you reach the goal. Start following the plan immediately. DO NOT WAIT for inspiration to strike.

Share with us some of your resolutions you desire to make for this coming 2017 year. We will continue to break down how to follow through with NYRs each week. For now, his is a good beginning place.


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