Blue stripe Cotton Rope Baskets 15″

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All Baskets are:

  • Easy to use
  • Made from durable woven cotton rope
  • Harmless for kids because they don’t have hard surfaces or sharp edges
  • Practical and decorative
  • Ideal for keeping your baby’s room clutter-free and organized
  • Easy to wash manually using basic cleaning products
  • Capable of holding lots of toys, clothes, laundry items, games, books or beddings
  • Available in several color options such as blue or black and white.
  • Easy to carry around, even when the basket is full.

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  • CONVENIENT STORAGE BASKET KEEPS BABY’S ROOM ORGANIZED AND CLUTTER-FREE – Durable cotton rope storage basket measuring 15 inches wide and 13 inches tall. Capable of accommodating plenty of toys from your kid’s room, creating a clutter free area. This baby toy storage basket isn’t only practical, but it can also be used for decorative purposes as well!
  • VERSATILE STORAGE BASKET FOR BABY CAN HOLD LAUNDRY ITEMS TOO – Feel free to use our storage baskets to hold toys as well as other items which can be found in a kid’s room such as laundry items, clothes, beddings, books and more. This toys storage basket is reliable and durable, making an ideal addition to every nursery and it will stimulate your kid’s imagination thanks to its vivid color scheme.
  • HIGH-QUALITY COTTON BABY TOYS STORAGE BASKET – We put kids’ safety above everything else and that’s why this baby toys storage basket is made from a of cotton rope. The cotton rope is tightly woven, so you can use this storage baskets for baby boy or girl for years to come. Thanks to the fact that there are no sharp edges or hard surfaces on this basket, it is harmless for your kid!
  • SLIT HANDLES FOR EASY MANEUVERING – We didn’t want to use plastic or other materials to create tough handles which might accidentally hurt your little one. Instead, we simply created 2 slit handles for this cotton storage basket. This allows you to easily carry a full basket around the house and have more peace of mind when your kid is playing with it.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & HAND WASHABLE BABY CLOTHES STORAGE BASKET – A very lightweight and compact design makes this basket easy to carry around while you clean up after your kids and easy store away when not in need. This nursery storage basket can be washed manually using mild detergent or similar basic cleaning products. Let it dry out in the sun and it will be ready for your precious one to play with!


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