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Is your laundry a mess? Want a laundry bag that is better than hampers

OrganizerLogic has the best cloth storage bag laundry tote for your organizing needs. The standing laundry bag is great for men, women, students, teens, and kids. Purchase several and place each family member’s clean clothes in a bag for easy sorting and moving. Tall sturdy sides and a drawstring top help keep items laundry in and dust out. Also great for women by keeping delicate laundry, lingerie, and whites separate from the rest. Foldable, collapsible, and washable. Great organizer for the neatfreak. Hang them on a hook for easy access anytime you need one.

OrganizerLogic’s convenient laundry sack is more eco-friendly than your typical plastic laundry basket or plastic bag, but still big enough to hold and store everything from dirty clothes, clean clothes, linens, delicates, and blankets to toys. The drawstring top allows you to keep toys in and out of sight. Make it fun for kids to help pick up their rooms! The canvas bag is made from tightly woven cotton and has reinforced fabric handles that let you transport everything easily and safely. Cute and decorative laundry bag with “Laundry” written on one side, blank on the other. Nice enough for school, the nursery, kids rooms, and the laundry room, yet functional enough for camping, dorm life, and traveling. Best for small spaces like apartments bathrooms, and bedrooms, since it takes up very little space. Storage bags are folding and collapsing to make them easy to store. Great for travel and moving. Stash several in the car, in your suitcase, or on a shelf until needed.

Material: Woven Cotton Canvas Fabric

Dimensions: 21” x 16” x 10” (53.34 cm x 40.64 cm x 25.4 cm)

Style: Decorative yet simple

Warranty: Risk-free, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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  • TAKES UP LESS SPACE: Tall and narrow, the large canvas tote bag takes up less space than a hamper. Foldable and collapsible. Perfect for an apartment, dorm, camping, and travel.
  • STAY ORGANIZED: Perfect for storing toys, hauling laundry, and organizing the nursery. A great organizer for your unruly clothes! Made from natural, unbleached eco-friendly cotton canvas.
  • EASILY HAUL YOUR LOAD: Lightweight and sturdy, the heavy-duty canvas bag has fabric handles to make carrying loads back and forth easier. Drawstring top keeps everything in!
  • CUTE & VERSATILE: The heavy-duty natural canvas bag is versatile enough to be used for camping, dirty clothes, or college, but nice enough for the nursery, kids rooms, linen, or delicates.
  • ALWAYS HAVE ONE ON HAND: Stash several in the car, a drawer, your suitcase, or a shelf for easy accessibility. Hang the storage totes on a hook until needed. Decorative but practical.


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