OrganizerLogic Canvas Storage Basket – Large Storage Bin with Handles – Decorative Storage Containers in Beige – 22″ x 15″ x 13″ Woven Fabric Bin (Beige with Blue Lettering)


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OrganizerLogic Large Storage Baskets

There is a better way to store your kid’s toys or other items in your home or office. With the use of our toy storage basket, you can keep your items out of sight and your space clutter-free in a more organized manner.

Lightweight with Handles

Carrying this is easy because of the durable handles attached to each end. The lightweight materials including the canvas outer layer, plastic inner layer, and wire on the edge make it very easy to carry it from one area to another. Even your kids will be able to push, pull or carry the basket filled with their toys.

Open Top Design

With the open top design of our large storage bins, you can easily place items inside and take them away whenever you need to too. This is also great for kids since they can easily get their toys without having trouble opening the container.

Simple Decorative Design Suitable For Any Room

Keep one of our fabric baskets in the nursery, your kid’s room, playroom, kitchen, bathroom, closet or your basement. These can help avoid clutter and store your items in a decorative way. The simple design makes it suitable for different rooms and you can even decorate it according to the design you want.

Key Features:

Huge Size: 22” long x 15” wide x 13” high

Minimalist Design

Made of Lightweight Materials

Easy to Clean

Live with less clutter and organize better by adding our fabric storage bin organizer to your cart today!

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  • LARGE CAPACITY COTTON CANVAS STORAGE- Organize all of your kid’s toys in just a single container by using our handy toy storage bins. Comes in large 22” x 15” x 13” size so you can fit all items into a single container. You can also use our canvas storage organizer for other items in your home or office, such as blankets, linens, laundry, dog toys, books, toys, school supplies and more!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FABRIC STORAGE BIN WITH HANDLES- Carrying this storage basket for kids is easy due to its lightweight and durable handles. The lightweight canvas material and plastic lining with wired rimmed edging creates a stable but lightweight cotton storage box. Your kids will be able to carry all the toys they love in their fabric storage basket.
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN DECORATIVE STORAGE ORGANIZER – Make your home more presentable by making use of these canvas storage bins to hide your clutter in plain sight. These have a minimalist design and they will complement any home decor. You can even decorate them as you wish to create a suitable and unique design for your lightweight storage container.
  • PROVIDES EASY ACCESS TO ITEMS INSIDE- Getting items in and out of our fabric storage bin is easy, even for kids, because of the open top design. Simply grab as many toys as you can with both hands then easily shoot them inside this cotton storage basket. You can even ask your kids to put away their own toys because it is easier and simpler to do with the open top design.
  • KEEP YOUR ITEMS CLEAN – This large storage basket will help make sure your items don’t easily get dirty. By keeping them inside these canvas storage containers, you can better shield them from dust. The plastic inner lining is also very easy to clean, so your items won’t get contaminated when your toy bin organizer gets dirty inside. Just use wipes and let it air dry so you can use it again.


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